On Mann Ki Baat, PM Modi Announces Rewards For Digital Transactions


"The government continuously endeavours to take feedback from them", Mr. Modi said in his monthly radio broadcast, Mann Ki Baat.

He also promoted the cashless transaction.

The Opposition is up in arms against the demonetisation decision, and reports of unease within the Sangh parivar have also surfaced. He noted the hardships faced by people due to the ban of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.

Wishing one and all Merry Christmas, Modi called it a day of service and compassion.

"Stock markets are essential for the start-up ecosystem", Modi said adding, Financial markets can play an important role in modern economy, however, they can also do damage if not properly regulated".

Modi than made the announcement of two schemes to promote digital banking.

Under the second scheme, which will last for the next 100 days, 15,000 people will get 1,000 Indian rupees (15 USA dollars) each for every day for using mobile banking and making e-payments. This scheme will go on till 100 days.

D K Sharma, the GM of Central Railway, said the Ministry of Railway, in collaboration with Government of Maharashtra would spend Rs 55,000 crore to upgrade the railway network in Mumbai metropolis.

Modi announces lucky draw for those making digital payments, bumper draw will be on 14th April, the prizes will be worth of crores. He said gains from financial markets have been taxed low so far for unknown reasons and hence could attract higher taxes in the coming budget. This government is for the sake of the people.

Addressing black money hoarders, Modi said no need to feel fear of me or of the nation, but you must be feel fear of common man who is with us in a battle against black money.

Owing to demonetisation, recently nearly the entire winter session of Parliament was wasted as the opposition didn't allow smooth functioning of both the Houses. But amidst that The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill was passed.

Mr Modi congratulated Indian Cricket team, Junior Hockey team and Women Hockey team for their outstanding performance recently held tournaments.



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